You and many others seem to think a massive die off is a good thing.
I find that both disturbing and un-Christian.
Something our muslim buddies worldwide would likely appreciate though.

Since there’s no way to predict who would survive, its probably best that as many survive as possible.
The people who know how to turn the power back on, those that can fix what’s broke, farmers and technicians, doctors and garbage men.

I’m reminded of the “Survivor’s Club” in Heinlein’s Beyond This Horizon.

It wouldn’t create a utopia, but a whole bunch of hard work.
There’s a reason we developed technology, because hard work ain’t fun.
Tractors beat horse drawn plows, my great grandfather knew that well.
Semis beat horse drawn wagons, reduces spoilage for one thing.
Fuel oil beats coal, which beats fire wood, not just in efficiency but labor wise.
Punching the start button on a CNC machine and having AR receivers fall out beats hand filing and bending shovel blades into AK flats.

And yes, generalization is good, but so is specialization.
I have no problem going to GP for a run of antibiotics, but if I have a brain tumor, I want a specialist, and specialist tools.