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… 3 countries in this world you dont invade ………unless you want to die .
The United States , Russia , and China .

Leaving aside the remarkable current instance of the USSA, wherein the (mostly unarmed, and un-uniformed) invaders are often rewarded with free housing, medical, educational, and legal services, not to mention, the menial jobs for which they ostensibly invaded, justifying the “Earned” Income Tax Credits and Social Security benefits their unsubstantiatably long work histories will provide them at our expense, most other invasions have resulted in many invader deaths, even when the invasion was ultimately “successful.”

Those who plan and order invasions are usually the rich and, rarely affected beyond the accumulation of more “national debt,” unless their forces lose decisively enough to bring on a successful counter-invasion of their home ground. So they usually have little reason to hold back when the odds appear to be in their favor. Given the reported state of US worldwide military deployment and morale, and the questionable willingness of our current regime to actually defend a nation they’ve already hinted they find less than worthy of defense, I’d also question the chances of our swift victory, or territorial integrity, against the array of likelier attackers.

But then, I’m a pessimist by nature, and the knowledge that many of the possible invaders may also be some variant of Pagan, does little to cheer me.

Cry, "Treason!"