You seem to think that preventing massive loss of life – what I consider to be us living beyond our carrying capacity – to be a bad thing.

In truth, I seriously doubt anything we do will mitigate the loss of life that is sure to result. Thinking we can is just typical human hubris and arrogance.

Return to a feudal society?

Well, I remember reading a book – don’t remember which one – where there was some type of “crash” and – instead of chaos, anarchy and violence that results when there is a crash – some countries (Germany most notably) voluntarily returned – regressed – to a feudal society instead of allowing all the violence and chaos, and then the establishment of a feudal system afterwards. Their regression was measured and orderly and at least some of the Old World was maintained…

If it goes down here in the US – and I think it will – I don’t see any reason why a neo-feudal system wouldn’t arise. Landowners will be the aristocracy, same as it ever was. People will trade their skills and labor in an effort to keep themselves and their families alive.

Regressing to a feudal system isn’t necessarily a bad thing… at least we wouldn’t regress to complete anarchy and chaos and will have a system that will maintain – even advance – technology and have some standard of living.

“Oh, but the poor exploited workers, blah, blah….”

Yep. Workers have been exploited since Day 1 of human civilization. You not liking it will have no effect on it. In fact, go out of your way to rabble-rouse – that whole “workers of the world unite!” El Che thing, and in a post-collapse society you’ll earn yourself a bullet to the base of the skull more often than not… doesn’t make it right, just saying that it’s probably what’s gonna happen. At least with a neo-feudal soceity, people will be getting fed, things will be produced and some standards will be maintained… better to save some with a low to middling standard of living, than hardly any at all with a nonexistent standard of living..

But, give us time… sooner or later, we’ll be back…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1