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74, In the cities there is no other way because in a SHTF time they will go after all foods. After the first six months if you are still alive then outside growing is the way to go.

Well here is an update on my garden test. The Cherry tomatoes have been great, I have picked over 1,000 and the trees have another 1,000 more. I am using them every time I cook. The large tomatoes have had some bugs but I have picked over 50 and thing I will have another 50 more.

The Lettuce was great for three months now. I have two pots left but it is starting to get to hot for anymore so these are the last Lettuce for the year.

I have many papayas and pineapples growing now. The great thing about pineapples is you don’t have to do much to them just watch them grow the same goes for papayas.

The growing in pots is only for anyone that is living in the cities. Also this doesn’t guarantee that someone will see them in the daytime but if you are guarding them in the daytime then they will come at night to find that the plants are not outside.

Many in a SHTF will only take food when there is no danger but will not attack since they know that they may get shot.