I’m well acquainted with automated radar cameras.

They’re all over the place in Germany. They call them “Blitz-kamera”. “Blitz” meaning lightning flash. In fact, I have personally witnessed two German police setting up a portable blitz-kamera in some bushes along the side of the road, then draping a camouflage net over it… so totally not fair!!

However, folks do not take this sort of thing laying down… those cameras are the most hated things in Germany.

(I offer the following as anecdotal ONLY! I am NOT telling anyone to do this. If you do these things and get caught, that’s on you… I wash my hands of ye… )

I was driving home one night and I knew there was a blitz-kamera on my route home. So, I slowed down so I wouldn’t get nailed for a ticket. I came around a certain bend in the road, and there was the camera merrily burning away!

Seems one of the locals went and bought a plastic squeeze bottle of Ronson lighter fuel and squirted it in the top of the camera until it ran out the bottom. Then lit the camera on fire. It was burning like a Tikki Torch when I happened to pass by. Laughed all the way home. The burnt out camera was gone the next day. I don’t think they ever replaced it…

Another time, we were sitting on the balcony of our apartment in Bernhausen and having a few beers. I just sat and watched – with great amusement, I have to add – as a group of 20-somethings went tear-assing up and down the street, tripping the blitz-camera. They had the license plates cardboarded up and Fasching masks on. Every time the camera flashed, they were flipping off the camera, dropping trou and mooning the camera, as well as other things I won’t go into…

Other brave souls have taken to literally shooting them. This occurs out in the country almost exclusively… you’ll drive past a blitz-camera and notice that the glass face and lens has been blown out by a shotgun blast (lead pellets out of a tube with no rifling literally cannot be matched to any particular shotgun. If you police up your spent case, then there’s that much less for them to go on)…

Just saying that these things happen… not advocating that people set things on fire or shoot them.

But I do understand why such things happen… :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1