Malgus, The government has taken all of these laws that were past for good reasons and are now using them in bad ways. I think O has a department of attorneys looking at all the old laws to find the loopholes to find ways to use them on us.

brother, it’s worse than you know…

For the past several years, a Star Chamber has been convened – comprised of the Department of the Treasury, the IRS, The Fed, etc.

What have they been up to?

Well, they’re trying to figure out “legal” ways they can steal any and all monies you might have in the bank. Just like in Europe, when they had that “bank holiday” and folks woke up 3 or 4 days later, only to find out that vast portions of their life savings had been raided and stolen. They called it “getting a haircut”.

The government and the banks – in collusion with each other – came up with the idea that if you have money deposited in a bank, then by default, you are a shareholder in that bank and therefore the bank has justification to access – and take – your money.

And the banksters and thieves over here are trying to come up with “legal” ways to steal our money as well. I think they will take a page from the Euro banksters playbook…

And don’t even THINK of having a “safety deposit box”…. back during the bad old 30’s, folks suspected that the government would try to steal their assets, and so they moved assets into safety deposit boxes… the government responded by decreeing that anyone with a safety deposit box could only access that box and it’s contents legally when there was an agent of the IRS present…

Safety deposit box isn’t safe for you… it’s safe for the government.

I know to do any sort of normal business in today’s America, you have to have a bank account. But anyone who keeps the vast portion of their assets actually in the bank is a moron or naive to the point of being oblivious…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1