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Sled, The more you do this the better you will get at it. Screwing up is how we all learn. I like the way it looks so please post the new images. If you can PM me when you post so that I do not miss the post that would be great. Also try to keep it as a hobby since we all do much better work for our self.

I am very good with my hands since I was a developer/contractor for over 25 years. Built many homes, and small office buildings. I am a very good stain glass artist but I keep it as a hobby. Many have asked me to do work for them but I turn the work down since I love stain glass work so much that if I turned it into a business then I may lose interest in it. Don’t want that to happen.

Definitely will let you know when I post new stuffs….

I really don’t plan on doing this as a business. If I do, it will be one off stuff just to help offset the costs of building my own things and only for people I know well or in an environment where I know I won’t have to deal with jerks. Having worked with the general population on too many occasions, I have NO Intention of subjecting myself to that sort of PIA. “This rivet is scratched,” “Look at how this isn’t perfectly symmetrical,” “I think you should have used the smooth side as the outside so it glides against my skin better when worn,” blah, blah, blah…… NO way I want to deal with that sort of crap.