Yep… this is sort of old news, Free…

This mess was started back during the Nixon administration, if I’m remembering correctly… part of the super-effective War on Drugs that’s been so successful (phht… shyeah… )

Deposit or withdraw a certain amount, it gets reported to the gubbermint.

Try to avoid getting reported by withdrawing or depositing just below the cutoff? They call it “structuring your deposits” and the IRS uses that as justification for taking ALL your money…

Seems I read somewhere about a guy who died and left his wife a briefcase. Inside the briefcase was great almighty wads of cash. Guy had been taking little bits of his paycheck and putting them away for years, just in case. Now the wife had it. So, she starts depositing the cash into her account and stays below the “reporting” cutoff – which causes them to report her anyways.

IRS took everything. No justification, nothing. Just because she deposited money in her account a certain way.

Now she has no money to take the IRS to court to prove that what they STOLE is her money so they will give it back…


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1