Thanks for backstopping my point – from this end and at a range of some several thousand miles – it seems that you all are a hated minority, but you are kept from leaving because they milk you all like cows. They are such hypocrites they will spout and spew the egalitarian line in public, but in private, they know that if the producer whites pulled stumps and legged it for someplace else, that would spell the end of SA.

And so, even though you are hated, they keep you from leaving by making it economically impossible for you to pay your exit fees. There’s enough producer whites in SA so that if a few get chopped up or murdered some other heinous way, well so what? Another white will step in and take your place elsewhere and they will simply tax them instead of the dead ones.

And heinous murder of whites – at least I’m thinking this is true, please correct me if I am in error – with whites being a minority, will serve to keep the rest of the whites compliant and quiet. Speak up for yourself, well, you might find yourself hacked up with machetes… So, you try to be The Grey Man. This works. For awhile.

But it cannot continue forever. Eventually, they will simply kill off the whites (already in progress) or the whites will revolt (also, already in progress) or the whites will simply tell the SA government to eff off and leave anyway (don’t know if this is already in progress).

That is a truly horrible situation to be in…

I made the statement a long time ago (elsewhere on the net) that my door is always, and will always, be open to anyone from SA who wanted to immigrate to the US from SA and needed a place to stay and someone to teach them about how things are done here, no questions asked. I’ve already talked it over with my wife, and she is in agreement.

I cannot take many – only one or two, at most 3 – as our farmhouse is rather small, but our place is at your disposal if needed. My word to God as a gentleman, a solider and a Southerner.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1