One thing to remember, I am not talking about you or I individually, but the population in general.

“We” could have quite a nice little trade business going but most people, many preppers included still don’t have a clue.

So much depends on where we are.
Things I could do in another area, but can’t do here.
Like gardening. Here its more work than its worth.
But we have more meat on the hoof than one can shake a stick at.

But just like firewood, it won’t last long with everyone blasting away at anything with hair.

Hence my comment about getting the oil flowing as a primary focus.
Oil for gas/diesel, heating fuel, lubricants, that way we can get crops growing, harvested, transported, just like every other product out there. Get it from where there’s an excess to where the shortages are.

We have an option, abandon all we have built or fight to keep it going.
Personally I am a fan of antibiotics, modern medicine, and electricity.
I’d rather keep them going and available, the 17th century is nice to visit but a lousy place to live.