I’ve had that very thought.

Even played the “what if” game…

If I hit the lottery – I mean the really big Powerball lotteries for a couple hundred million dollars – I thought it would be awesome to set up some sort of sponsor/relocation program for Afrikaners and Boers. By all indicators, they are not wanted in SA – I think that the SA government keeps them there because they know if they all leave, everything will collapse completely. Why else would they charge such outrageous amounts of money to emigrate? The fees are so high, almost nobody can afford them anymore… and anyone who can afford them is already long gone…

So, I figured if I ever hit for that huge pile of cash, I’d do what I could and save as many Afrikaner and Boer families as I could… plenty of land around here for sale and they’d be quite an asset in a future crisis…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1