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Did you ever watch that old Tv series Connections by James Burke. Sometimes they seem implausible but … they happen.
Why do so many cops get shot in the face these days? It is sop for most cops to wear concealed body armor. I went back on ebay and looked for the mask but it was already gone. In its place there was a better version with a 3a level from Taiwan. So I checked out google and found soldiers wearing the black ballistic mask. They must be Chinese Spetsnaz. Really impressive looking. Let me remind you of all the special forces us soldiers whose fotos addresses and identities are now all over the world wide web. oops. No I don’t think kydex will stop 9mm but it might be starting point for using a kevlar composit lining. On youtube I’ve seen these masks stop both 9mm and .40 SW.

Dm 22 my favorite. I look forward to you making a holster and putting it on your site. Its not really
called cobra anymore though. Only the original receivers have the c stamp. They’re like collectors items now. For some reason these guns are not well liked, probably because of conversion to auto. Not exactly easy without plans and parts. That never stopped gov bureaucrats from trying to ban them.