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To be honest Whirlibird, I’m not sure I agree. May be you are right. In my neck of the woods everyone has critters already so the idea of a lack of them is almost laughable. I know where I live is strange compared to most places though. I’m not convinced the commercial farm land is worth farming without oil fertilizers. My father in law is a rice farmer on one of those mega farms. The soil is dead. Not just dead, but D-E-A-D. Not even weeds will grow in it without fertilizer. Our soil was like that 10 years ago. Not anymore. We put a lot of work into it and now it is a natural grassland type thing mostly.

Even if we had plow horses, monoculture is a dead system without oil. The only way forward is with the hoe, a small garden plot with a few animals managed on the family scale. The subsistence farmers are the only ones going to make it. I truly believe if you are not prepared to live off the land almost entirely, you will not live easily or well. I am no where near that level of self sufficiency so it scares me, that I might die, but I know my children will survive. For those things…I need medicines which are not available in a natural format…so I am trying to save as much as I can to live long enough should something happen to carry my children through the first planting and harvest. I have enough children old enough to manage such a thing if I show them how. I am showing them now, but they don’t take it as seriously. If they see how bad things are, they will take it seriously. That’s why I need one growing season to get them through it.

I search daily for natural remedies to my illness. I have asthma. That is the only thing I have not found a suitable treatment for. I am working hard to heal my body through hard work and clean food, but I don’t think asthma is something you just heal from. I think it is something you learn to live with and treat the symptoms of. If you know of any natural asthma treatments tell me. Mine is so serious they told me at 7 I would die by 21. I’m still kicking 14 years beyond my expiration date, so they must have been wrong. At any rate, my point is…it depends on the area I guess if there will be enough animals…but I believe the bigger picture problem will be soil degradation, lack of fertilizers, lack of open pollinated seeds, and lack of experience dry land farming.

When was the last time you went without electricity, running water, food, and had babies screaming for food...now you know why I prep. These are the things a mother's nightmares are made of.