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Sled … forget about knife sheaths. Start making full face masks. I could buy one of these things off ebay $185 but it would be totally wrong for my face. Its like if you could make a face mould and work from there? I know this is done. These things could be customized almost like a batman mask and they could be made level 2.
Yes the black fabric mask works for anonymity but its only fabric nomex ha ha. Somebody goes for your face with a knife or shoots you in the cheek with a .22lr its nasty. I remember an aspiring model in Nyc once. Her spurned landlord hired a guy to cut up her face with a box,cutter. Horrible even after plastic surgery.
So there you go Sled …. business idea of the day.

Btw I added your site to my homepage. Wow good how to. Really nice.