“The idea of the end of the world is silly. Yes, the world will change drastically, but so too can you.” Aukxsona

A rapid change to premodern technology will be very messy. We don’t have enough horses or plows for food production.

Having spent the first 4 decades in farm country, let me put forth an opinion on this, even with enough horses and plows, production will not be enough without modern fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides.

First, there’s a reason why farms were small, because there’s only so much ground one can work within the growing season.

Secondly, even with enough horses and plows, the lack of hands, farriers, veterenarians leather workers and more doom it from the beginning.

How many corn cribs, silos and other storage facilities do you see on farms anymore? You don’t all too often because its cheaper to take it directly to the storage/buyer by truck and be done with it.

Corn, wheat, sugar beets, millet, all are harvested right into the backs of semis and grain haulers and trucked to the co-ops.

The small farm is essentially dead, even the small family farms are dependent upon fuel for their crop.

The few exceptions? The Amish and Mennonite communities, but they can’t grow enough extra to consider. And even some of them use fuel oil powered tractors with steel wheels for the farm.

One has to look at farming and population growth.
As farming improved, the population grew.
You cannot even begin to come close to supporting our population with low tech needs.

Heck look at zimbabwe, used to be the breadbasket of Africa, feeding millions elsewhere. Now with the theft of the industrialized farms, being handed over to the people who revolted, who still try to farm by hand in some cases, they are now importing most of their food, they are starving, it is not a viable answer.

Like it or not, Gulf, Chevron, Sinclair, and yes Monsanto and others are a priority to keep running.