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Good to hear from you Aukxsona. I had wondered where you were.

One of my big regrets is that I didn’t ask my grandmother more questions when she was alive. I had just turned 19 when she passed and like most teenagers I was preoccupied with teenage things. She came from a farm in the middle of the Gaspe Pensinsula part of Quebec, This is where the St. Lawrence River enters the ocean. It is a remote and sparsely populated place even today, and with a harsh climate, yet they survived without utilities, hospitals, or any modern amenities. When I was a kid we only went to the doctor or the hospital for vaccinations, stitches, and surgeries. My grandmother took care of everything else, and I’ll bet she’d of done our stitches too if my mother would have let her. For the Baby Boomers here, so much knowledge has been lost in our very lifetimes.