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According to Vladi, he’s always thought the Ukraine and russia were one nation.
Sounds like an old soviet union mind at work.
Wonder which former soviet territory he’s after next?
Any bets the Poles are getting nervous?

Vlad and the Ukraine. Is that like Mexicans and the Southwest. For that matter I have no idea why Canadians should think Quebec is part of Canada. And then there’s Detroit which Muslims want as their US capitol. The African American Homeland …. that is the south, except for Florida. Their capitol -somewhere in Georgia. Area extends to the Miss. R.. Its almost as good as the Aryan Nation Homeland – Idaho.
Great mistakes of war….
Japan failed to take Hawaii.
Britain lost The southern colonies.
Russia sold Alaska.
France … gave away the lot
Mexico didn’t invade the SW in ww1
US lost Cuba to Fidel
Germany didn’t take england.
Russia driven out of afghanistan
US didn’t keep Japan after ww2

Its the old territorial ape brain working Whirli. Everyone is nervous.