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I’ve heard that public reaction has been such that Zero has since retracted his call for mandatory voting. It would speed up finalizing the takeover, but really, he doesn’t need it. If motor-voter registration works in most states like it does in Cali, it’s only a matter of time.

Consider: a clued-in illegal, working with friends or family, presents himself to a branch office of the Department of Mexican Voting (DMV) claims to be Jose Gonzales, living at address A, gets his driver license and a voter registration card, checks the box for voting by mail, repeats at another branch office, claiming to be Jorge Morales, living at address B (where his brother lives). Meanwhile, his brother does the same, using other related aliases, and the same addresses. If the brothers (and their wives) feel ambitious, they can network with a few others of their countrymen, to the extent that they can keep their IDs and addresses straight.

Since they are illegals, and since Cali welcomes them with driver licenses, and voter registration forms, despite having no better assurance of who they are, than whoever they say they are, there’s no crosscheck (that would be “racist,” don’tchaknow) and the Gozales/Morales clan can accumulate as many IDs and voter registrations as they can keep straight. Multiply that by however many can see an advantage in taking advantage.

Now with State-verified IDs, they can get SSNs and, working various low-wage jobs under their several aliases, get a nice collection of low-wage W-2s, “entitling” them to as many nice, fat EITC checks, ad infinitum.

Will some of them screw up and get caught? Sure, probably. Will a small representative sample of stupid violators eventually be punished? Sure, if necessary to placate the sheeple paying for it. Will enough of them do it to tip the electoral, if not the financial, balance? Time will tell.

Cry, "Treason!"