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Your either for tyranny or against it , I’m against it . Ferguson is a media freak show , to stir up the less evolved factions of society……….I’m talking about things in general . Why do we need SO many cops , that more resemble , and are as equipped as our soldiers on the battlefield ? WE DONT !!!! the US is not Somalia or Pakistan or Syria . When I say cops , I’m including all the Alphabet soups and the Feds . The balance is gone , and so are the peace officers . Like working off of bad information , and kicking open the door and killing some old Marine in his house , dressed up like Spetnaz , ………no **** the old guy probably was armed , from his point of view , he thinks some thugs are making a home invasion …….because they dont announce WHO they are when they kick in the door in the first place . That happens more often than it should . Yeah , our society is pretty disrespectful and unruly ……but both sides can up the ante with force , instead of stepping back and taking a look at the system in general , and perhaps reevaluate the approach of how things should be done , and what kind of a country we want internally . They dont need the military vehicles that are being bought . I have yet to see a gangbanger with an RPG , again , we are not in Syria . There was a time ( 1950’s ) when the public looked at LE’s as their friends , that should be the case now ………..but it isnt ………why is that ? Because there are not enough Peace officers . Just Sayin

I couldn’t agree more. Just because a there is a large percentage of dysfunctional citizens in Ferguson doesn’t give the green light for LE to abuse their powers, and for every time you hear of one abuse, there is likely ten that you don’t hear of. I will try to find the source, but some local governments in that area get up to 30% of local revenue thru police fines, penalites etc. For instance, local LE gives someone $75 ticket for busted taillight, then if it isn’t paid you get additional fine, court penalties etc,. If you can’t pay the you end up in jail and guess what, you have to pay to be in jail. Nice revolving door that just gets the general populace more and more pissed off.

This is a personal story from a friend of mine, for fun, he jumped off a bridge in a small river, swam out and went to his hotel. A hour or so later, a LE with a hair up his ass knocked on doors at the local hotel were my bud was staying. Like a dummy he admitted it and the jerk off LE roughed him up after coming into his hotel room without a warrant. My bud complained of being hurt and jerk off LE called local ambulance so he could be checked out. My bud admitted guilt in court which got him three day in jail which he had to pay for, a misdemeanor on his record, a 1800 dollar medical bill(out of pocket, doesn’t have insurance), had to go to AA counseling for 8 sessions which cost 40 dollars a session plus 30 dollars in gas and loss of a days for each of those sessions. Oh, by the way, his blood alcohol was never tested.

Oh, heres another protect and serve story from our wonderful LE. A lady I work son was busted for loitering. He was a passenger in his friends car and his friend was busted for having a mary jane cig. All he was, was a PASSENGER in his friends car. He got a nice fine and had to do community service for like 16 sessions which he didn’t have transportation so his parents had to scramble cause if he missed an sessions (cleaning up trash along the street), i’m sure his fine and penalty would be more.

Now, repeat those above scenario’s, a thousand, or ten thousand times, and the general population tends to get that LE is out there to harass and extort, not to protect and serve. I bet the majority of people out there don’t have respect for LE like you do and for good reason.

Remember, LE don’t just abuse there power on the weak and poor, next time it might be YOU.