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‘Bams is many things but he is not stupid. He said he would change America and he has in ways that cannot be entirely undone by even the most conservative successor should there ever be one. The general public just didn’t understand what he meant when he was saying it back in 2008. He had an agenda and it was not pro-American. Pro-Muslim and Pro-Socialism yes, but no Pro-American. Doing everything he could to encourage millions of illiterate unskilled illegals from Mexico and Central America to enter the country has changed the demographics of the US all but guaranteeing that in a few short decades whites will no longer be the majority anymore. No race will. It will also all but guarantee no Republican ever wins the Presidency again. It will prove difficult for successors to entirely remove the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the federal govt. and to remove the associated political correctness in the military given the extent to which he has purged the military of anyone that disagrees with his agenda. Political appointees in govt. can be removed in a heartbeat but the career employees not so easily. Nor the judges he appoints. I doubt any President in history has done more to encourage a dependent population than this guy. He had a plan and he’s been implementing it. The scariest part is that he’s not done yet and that he’s barely even pretending anymore.