MountainBiker ,
they could be up to something , but on the other hand it makes a little sense . If a “terror ” group set off a bomb and started fires in a small town of 1000 …………without the truck to contain it , it would be a bucket brigade . When I was in Maine , one of the noreasters went through and knocked out the power in town for 3 days , the goobers in the country didnt get it back on for almost 3 weeks . As you know , in that part of the country , small towns are dotted all over the place , most with only one fire truck , and they do pool together in emergencies . I remember late at night , the cops had my street blocked off , I noticed a lot of fire trucks and lights as I walked in . What they were doing was using the trucks to lift line men to fix the electricity and get it going again , at the same time ( didnt know till the next day ) they were also fighting a house fire . The power came on , then a while later , I noticed that there were not only Biddeford trucks , but also Saco , Scarborough , and Wells trucks leaving the scene . These are all small towns with a low population , but because of the close proximity to each other , they were able to pool their resources and get a bigger job done . There are a lot of small towns without a fire department , and infrastructure wise , it is a weak link .