But most cops are decent people, and the nature of their work doesn’t allow them to treat stops, searches, and arrests as opportunities for debate or social fisticuffs… L’Teco

You don’t know that.

The first point – that they are “decent people” – is simply an opinion based on wishful thinking. Projecting your own values and ethics onto another group.

In point of fact, power corrupts. Always. And the power of our police in the US is considerable. Tolik has a point re: when cops – for sake of argument, the ‘bad’ ones – do heinous things and wipe their hindquarters with the supreme law of the land because they’re on a power trip or completely corrupt, it is a very, very rare thing for them to see the inside of a jail cell. Most times, such things are “settled” out of court or the goon in question “resigns” or moves on.

Which breeds resentment. Two sets of rules. One for us peon ‘mundanes’ and the other for the elites and their enforcers.

There are “bad” cops. How many? Don’t know. No way to quantify that since they are rarely punished or held accountable. But for the “good” ones to do nothing about the bad ones – since the good ones are the alleged “majority” – makes them at best oblivious and at worst complicit.

Perhaps the cops should get more into ‘social debate’ when it is possible. Not every situation is a shoot/no shoot situation. Loud noise complaint? Once the doosh has turned his music down, hang around and have a nice get-to-know-you chat with the guy… show him you’re human. Talk to him about what bothers him the most, what he’s afraid of most. Become part of the community again.

WE didn’t start this “us vs. them” mentality thing. THEY did. And they’re the ones who maintain it.

And the whole Ferg shooting thing doesn’t surprise me. Should it have happened? Nope. And I cannot condone it. But I can understand it, even predict it. And the accuracy of the rounds fired doesn’t pass the smell test. Street level diversities don’t have Improbable Aiming Skills…


The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1