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what ……….no rubuttle at the shooting of innocent Americans by militarized door kickers ?

Yes, such gross miscarriages of justice occur. But you’ll read about most of them on the outraged alternative (“conservative?”) websites. Any such, of course, is too many, But how many? In what timespan? Contrast that with the rising level of daily rape, robbery, and murder in most large cities, most of which you won’t hear about, except long after the fact, as gross statistics. This forum, if I understand it correctly, is about realizing what is coming at us at what looks to be more like an impending volcanic eruption, than a growing glacier.

Yes most of the street cops are probably decent guys , then there are entire departments like LAPD and NYPD that are all rotten to the core .

I doubt that those departments are “all rotten to the core.” People go into that line of work for a variety of reasons, but usually for honorable reasons: It suits their physical/mental talents, it pays okay, and most of the laws are (currently) still worth enforcing.

Still, if I had to live in El Lay or Noo Yawk, I’d be freakin’ and peakin’, since the governments in those jurisdictions are a reflection of their socialist/metrosexual/dependent populations, perfectly willing to sacrifice uncounted productive and self-supplied people, “for the good of society.” A little too close to cannibalism for me. When police departments are bad, look to those who hire, train, assign, and supervise them.

Cry, "Treason!"