One has to remember that not all gang bangers are created equal.
Nor are all shooters.

We have all seen the reports of shootings where dozens of shots were fired but nothing was hit.
And that’s from both good guys and bad.

The problem is that not all bad guys are bad shots, some are practicing, some are getting training as good as anyone else.
There’s a reason there’s so many bangers in the military, its not just theft, but taking knowledge back to the gang.

These MS13 and Zeta pukes are practicing, the Denver gangs also, some more than the cops.

And with all these little punks coming back with combat experience, it is something ro be aware of.

As to SA, here’s something to consider.
What happened to all the Russian trained commie terrorists since 1989?
Do you think they haven’t passed somemof their skills down?
Heck, you think they aren’t involved today?

Get training, don’t hesitate.