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What these idiots don’t grasp, besides english, basic math and logic, is that while Ferguson may have been slow in making corrections, they were happening.
But this murderous attack upon officers isn’t going to gain the effect they want ….

Whirlibird, you’re right, but I suspect that it’s deeper than simple idiocy — not that the Public Fool System is prepared to produce much else — but such “communities,” of which there are many (and not always minorities in the majority), have lots of people who have already become tolerant of a fairly high level of minor crime (their own, their friends’, or their relatives’), are ready to say and believe the worst about any form of LE, and are subsidized enough to live without working, who therefore have both time and inclination to turn out and scream for the cameras. It’s the only form of “R E S P E C T” from the outside world they’ll ever get, and they know it (since they have so little reason to respect themselves.) They are primed for “community organizers.”

The people behind all this want to reach the point where shooting the perpetrator is not allowed by LE for any reason.

74, productive people are harder to rule than those dependent on handouts. The people behind all this want to reach the point where all of the time and energy the remaining productive might be able to devote to defeating “the people behind all this,” is absorbed in guarding their own property, family and selves, either from the perps, or if/when successful, from the perp-advocates — all the easier to subjugate them.
See: Synthesizing Tyranny, by Samuel Francis for a more detailed explanation of the puppeteering.

Ferguson is out of control , but in a way , it echo’s the building anger at the escalating abuse of power by LE’s in the country in general . Like was said in another thread , LE’s are the real ones out of control . The biggest resentment coming from the people is the fact that almost none of the “bad apples ” see’s a day of maximum security prison like you and I would get .

Tolik, you have a point, but it’s a minor one, in this Ferguson incident. Are there bad cops? Yeah … a few: it’s a human endeavor, therefore subject to human failings. Such as there are should be dismissed and/or punished.
But most cops are decent people, and the nature of their work doesn’t allow them to treat stops, searches, and arrests as opportunities for debate or social fisticuffs, especially in high-crime areas and times. Reasonable (and innocent) people can usually survive the minor indignity and lost time, by displaying just a little of the respect and politeness they claim to want, or avoid it all by refraining from misbehavior, however “socially understood” they may believe it to be.

Cry, "Treason!"