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you do against amateurs pro wont let guard down will just shoot you, most robbers with gun use it to threaten and have next to ZERO skills, most people are slow on a human target because to kill another is not an easy emotional/ mental thing to do the first time….. Pros dont have that issue at all, it is definitely not their first rodeo, think if tac was holding you at gun point for example you think he would hold back second you moved?

there are people out there with more kills to their credit than any mass murder, it is a skill and an art that has to be learned. Training helps when you panic in first time to do the skills by reflex. When you can think/ plan during this stressful event you are entering the pro league, at the farm team level.

I am not saying dont train, i am not saying give up …. just recognize realistically your skills and be able to see your opponents as well, then make the correct move for the fluid situation and know where the possibilities or reversing the situation can occur in your favor. If you have LEO Friends who will let you train with them or better yet military see how they round up someone …. then try and make a move see what happens practice different scenarios… both of you will learn a lot from both sides.