45,000 troops is big , but not as a whole of the available military . NATO has done similar drills during the cold war , not so much as a show of force , but more to test cohesiveness of the multinational army . Ever wonder why the military uses civilian transport ? To correct a problem . The reason is that in almost every scenario NATO simulated , using only military transport …………….NATO lost the war . They couldnt get things where they needed to be fast enough , or in enough numbers . Exercises of this kind are actually needed , for them and for us . Logistics are a problem , even in modern times , large scale simulations make any problems quickly apparent , and allow a nation to correct the issue BEFORE they need it . Politics aside , it does have legitimate value , it might work well on paper ….but not as planned in actual practice . As far as arming the Novo’s , if they are …….so what , we do it with nations and factions we support , we are doing it now . The Novo’s have actually captured most of their equipment from the UAF , this includes tanks , APC’s , artillery , small arms , ammunition , and even a ground support fighter jet . I wonder how much is Ukrainian propaganda trying to save face about the embarrassing amount of equipment they have handed over to the rebs ? ” somebody MUST be giving them something ” After all , thats the same government that denied to the world about having 7000 troops trapped , starving , and cut off . Just Sayin
Filtering through the BS is difficult for ordinary people like you and I , but if you look at the media of both sides , and both sides are going to try to paint a more rosy picture than it actually is , and vilify the other more than is fact ……….somewhere in the middle is whats actually going on . What is going on is that Ukraine is loosing the war , you dont suggest UN peacekeepers ( which actually might be the best solution ) if you are winning ……..or able to win , you dont go to your parliament and submit for a vote , special autonomy status for the eastern regions of your own country ……..unless your not winning the war .