5. The Darkness Will Preach Mar 10th, 2015 Locutions.org


I will speak about light and darkness, the symbols of the two kingdoms which battle for earth, a war that has been waged for many centuries and has now come to a climactic moment.

All is set in place. Foolish decisions have made the world vulnerable to the Kingdom of Darkness. Many human hearts are bathed in darkness and dedicated to the darkness. So many others have abandoned faith, the door to light, or have never received that gift.

The structures of society have been compromised by darkness and many leaders are bathed in the greatest darkness, intent only on their own ambitions. They place themselves forth as apt leaders, when their own hearts are given over to darkness. Finally, the weapons of darkness are in the hands of so many. Anyone who sees clearly must say that the future belongs to darkness.

But I promised to speak about light, as well as darkness, a light that is still hidden under a bushel basket and not yet placed on the lampstand. I speak of a light still hidden in my Church, a light that I have protected, a light which will bring forth a million other lights which also are still hidden.

This is my promise. I will bring forth my hidden light and place this light on the lampstand. Then, millions of lights will suddenly appear, great lights of faith. The great darkness will already have begun and the whole world will know how much it needs my light. The darkness will actually serve my purposes. By destroying all the world’s light, the darkness will preach to the world that it needs a new light. Then this new light will come forth.

Comment: When man’s light completely fails people will be more open to God’s help.

6. The Two Economic Events Mar 11th, 2015


The time is short and so many are unprepared. I must speak so that at least people will have heard my words and they will not be totally surprised when these events break forth. This will give hope and some direction.

Before any harm takes place, there will be a sweeping away of protections. People will realize that former safeguards no longer exist. What they trusted to support them in need is no longer available.

This will begin in the economic fields and in the collapse of governmental protection of currencies. This shaking of confidence will then result in actual harm. As people take steps to insure their futures, everything will tighten up. The flow of money will be restricted. Jobs will be threatened and lost. No one will be in control. Steps will be taken that are inadequate. Only as time goes on, will people see the deep divide between what used to be and what is. This is the first stage. The changes will be long-lasting but not total or deep. People will think that the crisis is over, and that all they must do is to cut back somewhat. Many will be chastened and will try to respond by some austerity.

However, all of this is just a beginning. It is the second economic shock that will bring about the deep divide, the permanent and non-reversible change that will awaken everyone to the great reality that the past years of buying without paying, of procuring without accepting the price has led to this moment. Once these two sets of economic events take place, the first set of the warnings and the second set of the actual breaking off, the world, for the first time, will truly see the path of darkness. I say this because my words will be the only light. That is why I speak.

Comment: Our Lady speaks of two economic collapses, an early one which all see but is not deep, and a second one which causes a deep divide between life before and after.

7. Satan’s Attacks On the Locutions Mar 12th, 2015


The time is short but much can still be done to rescue earth and to restore human history to God’s original plan. Two things must be done. My power and my light must be released into history and millions must receive the light that I pour out. These locutions prepare for those gifts, speaking so clearly and, each day, to many new hearers. Why have I given these words?

I began over four years ago, knowing that the darkness was not imminent but also realizing that it would take time for this little voice to be heard. There are no visions, no apparitions, and no site of miracles. Millions do not come and gather. Rather, all is hidden. The words are given softly and then made available. There is no advertising and no pilgrimages. The words stand alone and by themselves. Yet, these words go forth to all the world, eagerly awaited by many.

This is my promise. I will continue to speak these words for years to come. Do not be discouraged if Satan tries to stop these words, to cover them over and to discontinue their going forth. He would like to take his ax and have it fall upon this work, destroying it and cutting it in two so that it could never continue. When this begins, know that I have spoken ahead of time, that I have prophesied this attack, and, no matter what happens, that I will not allow this little work that I have raised up, to ever be destroyed. It is much too important to me, to the Church and to the whole world.

Yet, Satan will take his actions, for he would deprive the world of this light, even when every precaution is taken to preserve it. My words today, however, are not just about Satan’s future attempts to destroy what I am doing here. My words are, instead, a firm promise. These locutions will remain. They will stay. They will burn more brightly even after Satan’s time of darkness and they will lead the world and the Church through the darkness that lies ahead. They will be my constant and daily proof that I am with my Church and the world that I love so much.

Comment: Our Lady prophesies Satan’s desire to remove these locutions and to destroy them. No one knows exactly what will happen, only that Mary will preserve them. Possibly, some interruptions will occur.