@ Glocker,

They shoot fucking well.


Perhaps you have a different strain of gang banger in SA. Here in the states, I’ve said – and heard it said elsewhere – that the safest place to be, statistically anyway, when confronted with an armed gang member is standing directly in front of them with a rotating light on your head.

Their shooting is worse than abysmal. It would be genuinely hilarious if they didn’t incur collateral damage. Shootout between two – or several – bad guys? People several blocks away minding their own business are hit. People in houses in random directions are shot completely by accident. It is rare for a gang banger to actually hit and intentionally kill the person he was aiming at. When things like that happen, chances are they were close enough to touch each other. I’m convinced that if a random gang member of ours were on a cruise ship and he threw himself overboard, it would still be a complete accident that he hit the ocean.

I forget the actual FBI numbers, but I think it was something like out of all shootings, only about 5% of shots fired actually hit their target. And of those, only 5% of the hits are fatal. So 5% of 5%… or, 1 in 400.

I do not automatically discount any opponent. Murphy’s Law and all that. But, taken as a whole, they are a rather unimpressive bunch.

And this —> Also when there only escape is to get through you…..you bet your ass they are staying to shoot it out with you.

Even the smallest animal, when cornered, will fight teeth and claws to the death. So, unless your goal is to trap them and then kill them to the last man (which is not a terrible idea. Flying the Black Flag sends a clear message to the rest of them), then you have to allow them a way out or at least the opportunity to escape. The alternative – complete elimination – can be hard for some people to live with.

Which begs the question: Which is better? Complete elimination and letting that speak for itself? Or allowing one or two to escape and them let them tell the tale and spread the word? Of course, any leader worth the name will pump them for intelligence on you and your redoubt, so by letting them escape you compromise yourself…

But that’s a whole ‘nother barrel of fish….

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1