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Thanks Blackbird that is an informative video. One of the safety methods they use and show is very good from a safety perspective and not so good ergonomically. Bending your knees while swinging an axe or sledgehammer will keep a person from hitting themselves in the foot or ankle but it will make accuracy much more difficult. Additionally a normal person won’t be able to work very long doing squats all day. Personally (use this method at your own risk) I like to use a wide stance, with one foot 90* from the cut or as close as posible to that line. The other foot back and to the side. Both feet are well away from the cut planted firmly, providing the best balance you can achive.

He didn’t explain most injuries are caused from a glancing blow that goes wild bouncing of the material instead of making a cut. Accuracy over power every swing. Don’t use an axe if you’re tired or you’re hands or arms are tired.