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Can’t say that it’s prepping, but shutting the shop down.
Working on selling off 25 years of accumulated junk.

The economic downturn in the area was the final straw.
Much like MtB, going for a .gov job of one sort or another.
A real paycheck, what a concept.

Going to focus on training as sideline business almost exclusively.

Thats the kind of bo we all do eventually. The hard one. Get rid of the junk and try to sell the good stuff. We call it the disentanglement. In our case we’ve broken with the whole family and will leave them to their fate. Its not to likely we’ll ever see them again. Especially since when we leave we will be making it extremely hard for them to find us or have any communication. Its like escaping the mob. We start a new life, they continue to live in their cesspool. Bugout Extreme.