I decided this past week to become a Town official as a way of better integrating myself. Moving here after the kids were grown and gone and not working locally didn’t afford me the usual means by which you come to meet and know a wide spectrum of people. Having been here for 5 years I figured maybe I could get involved with Town affairs without raising the “outsider from Massachusetts” reaction. Everyone saw and liked the transformation of our property and slowly I’ve been able to develop a small circle of neighbors and others that know me. I saw that the Town needed a new Lister (Vermont-speak for Assessor) and already being at least acquainted with the other two Listers I stepped forward. For most of the year it is not a high activity board and so shouldn’t be especially onerous but it will widen my circle which is a good thing come SHTF. I’ll be appointed to start and then would be elected at next year’s Town Meeting.

Here come the ‘revenooers’.