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Today’s update from http://www.ips.gov.au/

“Solar activity has been high due to the magnetic complexity of Active Region 2297. This region produced ten C class flares and five M class flares during Mar 11 UT. The largest flare of the day was a M4.2 event peaking at 14:08 UT. Further M class flares and a X class are possible during the next 48 hours. AR 2297 will rotate across the central meridian into a more geoeffective location during the next 24 hours. The availability of SOHO spacecraft observations of the corona has been patchy recently, and it has not been possible to determine the direction and width of the CME associated with the X2.1 flare of Mar 11, or of any CME possibly associated with the numerous M class flares during Mar 11-12. However, because AR 2297 was located just east of the central meridian, a component of the CME associated with the X2.1 flare could be Earthward directed. The glancing blow of an earlier CME predicted to arrive late Mar 12 may still arrive at Earth early today, Mar 13. The 4-day outlook is for active geomagnetic conditions due to the possible impact of several CMEs. There is also the possibility of a minor geomagnetic storm this weekend. Aurora watchers should stay tuned for updates on increased geomagnetic activity. HF radio propagation conditions are expected to be normal to enhanced at mid-latitudes in the Australian region during Mar 13. “