Good to hear from you Dorette.Hope you are well. The best people to trust are your direct family and friends. Your group can grow from your friends friends if need be.
If you want to learn from a group of good people you can pop in at the Systema at Northgate Shopping Centre (Checkers side entrance, blue doors – dojo) http://www.cqcia.com/Upcoming.htm
I can also put you in contact with guys that does our training in self-defence, firearm training – I am busy putting a few things together. Will let you know. Sometimes you just need someone that asks you a few questions to get you going. Do you have a first aid kit in your house and vehicle? Do you have a pocket knife in your handbag? Would you like someone you can trust to give you advice on how to improve your security. There are so much we can do to prepare. And to get fit and plan ahead is free! That’s the good news. To learn to be self-sufficient is saving you money. And with fresh vegetables to eat while getting fit spending time on survival can be very good for your soul and overall health.

Mountainebiker – I thought about your question for a bit – It will take time. About 200 years maybe, for the “majority” to evolve into humans that is less aggresive. Can look after themselves and create – not just want to take from others. And they will only learn with good leadership teaching them all the way. By themselves they will stay where they are now or even return to the way we found them.