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Part of the reason that many will not stand up and revolt against the government like happened in 1776 is the difference in they way people are treated now. If you research what really happened to the signers of the Declaration you will find that any hardships incurred were not due to retaliation by the Brits, but were due to either the war in general or their own actions. Only a couple instances of retaliation to the 56 were possibly due to signing. Those fake email chains that have rewritten history have been as detrimental to our cause as any other misguided attempt at rallying support for revolt. I actually wonder if those “look at the sacrifices of our forefathers” type chains actually were designed to make people NOT want to put their neck out there. Couple that with the wrongful prosecution of those that buck the system and you have a country full of people unwilling to take a risk.

It is all misdirection, disinformation, and PSYOPS crap that is aimed toward keeping us down, imo.