Regardless of “public opinion”, there ain’t no revolution on the horizon.

A bunch of middle aged white guys sitting around whining about the latest transgression but doing nothing about it, except waiting for the revolution to start is still doing nothing and changing nothing.

Ain’t enough willing to risk their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to do squat anymore. And even if they did, how many would join?
How many would just sit and wait to see how things shake out, and then breathe a collective sigh of relief when they didn’t have to actually risk anything.?

Even your “hacktivists” don’t really want change, then they’d have nothing to fight, no cause. Heck, they’re generally wrong just like the MSM. They were wrong about Ferguson, wrong about Madison, yet they continue, because they’re after the mayhem, the activism, rather than doing something right.

As to Zero being such a salesman, I remember Clinton in ’94, the same thing was said then about him.