Garlic is very good for overall health and will prevent you getting sick in the first place. People that enjoy garlic often tends to not get cancer ! I swallow it raw like meds (still need to be able to speak to clients) and love it in my food – garlic-rich Italian dishes. Garlic stabilize blood pressure and lowers high cholesterol. Garlic has antibiotic properties as well as the ability to fight fungal infections. The garlic cloves must be crushed, chopped, bruised, or chewed to release the full effect.
I also use cayenne pepper often Link with more info http://www.cayennepepper.info/treating-wounds-with-cayenne-pepper.html . Mint and ginger goes often into ice tea in summer and rooibos in winter with a bit of honey. Small bottle of tea tree always in my handbag.
Lots of info – need not wait for SHTF to start using it