Dude, field serviceability?

Back when HK and I were in negotiations (they hired me prior to 9/11), the guy I was talking with had just come back from White Sands where they were doing destruction testing on some of their stuff…

They put 50,000 rounds through a pair of MP5’s…


No FTF, no FTE, no stoppages…

The engineering is pretty much the same, whether it’s an MP, a G3, an MG3, etc… Yeah, they’re a little quirky sometimes, but I’ve never seen one fail. Ever. Can’t say that about an AR. Seen an M16A2 with a quarter of the bolt face blown away, including 3 locking lugs, the spring and plunger in the bolt face, and it was supposed to be “new”. Never seen a bolt-over in anything HK either – you know, when an AR tries to feed two rounds at once and one round goes over the bolt and jams itself under the gas tube? The other one goes under. Meaning you have to take it apart to fix it…

Okay, okay… I’m done bagging on the AR… everyone knows it’s strengths and weaknesses..

Just sayin’ I think the G3/93/53/33 platform is superior is all.

Edit: If I can’t build it in the field, it’s lost much of it’s charm.

During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the Mujaheddin pulled up hunks of railroad track and made functional AK copies out of them.

In caves.

With hand tools.

Then beat the crap out of the Soviets with them.

Just sayin’…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1