You don’t have a Bridgeport or a South Bend? Well, that’s no fun. Half the fun of being a smithy is making stuff up whole cloth – especially making your own tools.

And if a rifle can handle a 5.56mm, then it can handle your 6.8, etc… which means all you really need is a barrel in 6.8 with the right profile and trunion to have an HK in 6.8. Everything else would work. If you had a lathe, you could just get a 6.8 blank and cut whatever profile you wanted… but meh…

There’s nothing wrong with the FAL. It’s like Glocks, HK’s and 1911’s… some folks love certain ones, others don’t for whatever reasons. Making a 6.8 version of a PSG1 would be pretty kick a$$ though…

Keep on keepin’ on…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1