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I don’t know about everyone else’s feelings regarding desperation, but I do know that I am completely fed up with so much of my money being STOLEN to support other people who refuse to work…..

Let me give you an example: I got my 1st Master’s degree and upgraded jobs. My wages literally doubled overnight. Interestingly enough I only ended up with about a 50% increase in my take home pay, even though all other aspects of my benefits decreased in cost. My deductions as of right now are about 41% of my paycheck, my wife’s are about 50% and we owe every year. How in the blood-blue-blazes-of-Zeus’s-bunghole does that sound fair? Remember that medical is now a tax as well, so that became the largest tax increase for the American people in history. This doesn’t include all the taxes imposed up on us through the purchasing of daily items and services. Gas, for instance, is taxed through the roof. When you look at the “gas tax charts” the one thing that they don’t explain is as such: The CONSUMER is actually paying the taxes on all fuel used for distribution and manufacturing of the gasoline. Those costs are passed along at the pump. The companies are not going to just be kind and drop their profits…. Because “B” (expenses) increased the companies increase “A” (asking price). This leaves them as much or more “C” (profit), A – B = C.

So to fully answer your question more directly and to summarize: I too am feeling very downtrodden, beat up and almost desperate in how hard it is to even make ends meet as I get more and more people reaching into my pocket for a handout. I don’t know how sane I will be in 8 years, when I plan on going mostly off grid and semi-retiring. Working 2 jobs this last year to get my preps increased has taken its toll on me, but it did make it where I should be able to hit my 8 year goal.