I do not want this to turn into a “Let’s all dogpile on Whirl” situation. He’s a good man, and an asset, and is entitled to his opinion.

But the problem – if you take what he is advocating – is if you push that way of thinking to it’s logical conclusion (and the Government will) is that a government that disregards the supreme law of the land at will and when they see fit, using any justification they can dream up (or even no justification at all), can hardly be said to be a legitimate government.

Which begs the very scary question: What happens when your government is illegitimate? If they are disregarding the supreme law of the land at will, then they have abandoned the right to rule. “Voting” will accomplish nothing. It will accomplish nothing because they have a monopoly on sanctioned violence and the threat of same and feel they can safely ignore you and your puny vote.

Voting accomplishes nothing now… Northwest University did a Marvel Mashup with Princeton and they conducted a study – “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups and Average Citizens,” – that proves beyond any doubt that we currently live in an Oligarchy.


Congress overwhelmingly voted and did what it wanted the vast majority of the time, disregarding the wishes and will of the citizenry – instead choosing to bow to special interests and moneyed contributors. Even when the citizenry was overwhelmingly against something that was up for a vote – 80% – they still blew off what we wanted and did what they wanted… bank bailouts, Obongocare, etc.

As Agents of the State, cops enforce the will of their paymasters. Combine this with the fact that we know the entire Law Enforcement/Courts/Prison System is a corrupt racket directed by corporations and, well… a very nasty picture starts to emerge. Especially when you consider the DoJ has gone completely off its axle…

Which brings us back to the beginning… What happens when your government is illegitimate?

And when corporations combine with government to rule a country, then that my friend, is Fascism… which means cops, as Agents of the State, are by default, Sturmabteilung. Whether they believe it or not, whether they agree with it or not, that is what they are… facts do not cease to exist because they are unpopular.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1