Sooo, we’re limited to the AR and the FAL?

Booooo…. That’s no fun.

Get an HK53/93 receiver and build a hot rod. 1/7 match barrel, fluted chamber. Wood furniture (stock, forend, etc). It’s probably just me, but wood is easier on the face than plastic when the temps drop to below freezing. You can crop a surplus walnut G3 forend to fit the smaller 93/53/33 if you absolutely have to.

A match trigger pack from HKParts.net will swap in. Improved recoil buffer drops recoil to near zero. I got a friend in Europe who has a line on ex-Bundeswehr stuff, so getting a 3rd Gen Hensoldt ZF24 with the correct cams for M855 ammo is possible. Also an issue Fero Z51, if you’re interested. Though use of either will mean you need a cheek piece to raise your head up.

Standard HK flash hider. That way, you can pop it off and toss on a suppressor at will. I’d go with an extended cocking handle, as the standard one is a bit short if you’ve got gloves on.

Strip and refinish the walnut furniture and fine bead blast all the metal. Finish the metal in a nice black nitride or even plain grey parkerizing…. that would be one bada$$ed little rifle… and please, if you do this, no bipod.

Or, you could always build another ho-hum AR or FAL knockoff…

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