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I didn’t have the time before but finally dug out Max Boot, Invisible Armies An Epic History of Guerrilla Warefare. It’s a book I think you would enjoy. I cut out a quote from the book supporting what I had commented, most Guerrilla wars are not successful. After you read the book you might change you view.

“As you read what follows, five major points are worth keeping in mind: First, low-intensity conflict has been ubiquitous throughout history and of vital importance in shaping the world.
Second, political organizing and propaganda have been rising in importance as factors in low-intensity warfare over the past two centuries. Modern guerrillas tend to be intensely ideological and focused on winning the “battle of narrative,”while their ancient forerunners were largely apolitical and tribal. As a result modern governments have to pay much greater attention to establishing their popular legitimacy and managing their public image than did their premodern predecessors.

Third, in a related development, guerrillas and terrorists have been growing more successful since 1945, in large part because of their ability to play on public opinion, a relatively new factor in warfare. Most insurgencies, however, still fail.”