I will admit, I prefer the FAL by a large percentage.
And with no carbine classes coming up, I don’t need an AR right this second.

Namelus, these are for me and mine, as were the previous ones.
And I can’t stand most of the junk available for the AR today, all the rails, chunky and lumpy stocks, its also why every student falls for my light little carbines as opposed to their chunks of pig iron and has to have them.

Had the M1a, didn’t keep it, don’t miss it. Built and shot plenty.

Building rifles has given me a perspective that is hard to describe, but certain guns while good, don’t fit my needs.

The FAL is easier to build, more ergonomic, I’m faster in action with it, it fits better especially with the long South African stock, and the adjustable gas regulator suits me better than the self adjusting one on the M1a that sometimes doesn’t.

Plus I stil have a pile of FAL mags.

Time to order another receiver.