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I’m a westerner , but a lot of family history , lot of rebs , first in the Revolution , then in the civil war . How’s it workin for us now ?

I sometimes wonder how the USA and the CSA would have evolved had the CSA won the war and seceded. Could either country have become a superpower independent of the other, and if not, what would the implications of that have been for WWII and the post-WWII era? Would the USA immigration laws which until fairly recently were very European-centric have stopped the mass migration of Southern blacks into Northern cities? Would the mass migration of Northern retirees that have headed South have occurred? This mass movement of people had great impact on both North & South. Economics and changing technology would have ended slavery soon enough even without the Civil War, but how would the black-white situation have evolved without interference from the North? Would it have impacted the significant relocation of industry from North to South that occurred these past couple generations?

Me who for the past 400+ years has not had an ancestor from further south or further west than Northern New Jersey, has reached the point post-60 years old that I think the South should have been allowed to secede. I’m just thinking maybe we’d all be worse off if they did.