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it is better to have the skills to make things than the ability to buy ready made. yeah first few times you are not as good but after awhile you get better than what you can buy and you can make from scraps around you. Some items are hard to do this with ie machined parts with special coatings but many we just rather buy than make….this is mistake not to have tools to make what you can in bad scenario you have skills and items everyone would want.

Think if you fail now what is cost a few dollars and a oops will do better next time and you have tools to do so what happens when it is different even getting tools will be hard. You mess up canning…. here piggy piggy lol go to store and buy some food… later it would be much worse plus gives you an idea of how much you will actually need in supplies, plus storage skills. Yes i will admit it i have had huge mess up on FIFO and storage with both rot and pest problems …. fixed now. when i can get more, if later would have been a disaster of epic proportions.

An example of this is the knife purchase thread. better to learn to make one than buy.

the skills and tips from people on here with years/decades of experience in their fields is something to learn from in as much detail as you can now when you can.