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Brulen, you are joking about the flag flying ordinance aren’t you?

I hadn’t ever thought about flying any flag other than the US flag, but I suppose if I were to, I’d look back to maybe something from the Revolutionary War. Tolik, I know the Civil War still simmers down South but up here it doesn’t get much attention or thought at all. The Revolutionary War is much more prominent culturally.

It wasn’t a joke when the BTK zoning guy came around and ordered my wife to take it down on the spot. When she said I would come over and do it later he got the cop. The cop gave her a summons to appear. She appeared and it was dismissed with the condition it be taken down in a reasonable amount of time.

Its not like we’re new here, but we didn’t know about their ordinance. the zoning guy apparently has a grudge against us for some unknown reason. Nobody here has ever treated us like this before. It was truely outrageous. I hope Mr. BindTortureKill gets whacked by a rogue moose someday. He deserves it.