Sorry- I‘ve been a bit busy. It is not a dumb question at all, Wildartist. And it’s been on many white South Africans minds for many years. But lately it’s been a burning question.
The way our Pres Zuma and his friend Malema openly speak about how much they hate white people. That white people should be killed. Who in their right mind would stay and fight?
65 million black people against 5 million white. How many of the 5 million are men; old people, children. No, all 65 million black people does not want to kill white people. And it is not in South African white people’s nature to attack other people. But we have it in our blood to not give up and simply try and fix it. Make it work. Yes, we are stubborn enough to keep on working, paying taxes to a government that blames us for just about anything they can think of. In the cities we live in areas we try to keep safe.
Some people travel to safe places where they walk, jog or cycle in groups over weekends. With stress levels fairly high I am slightly addicted to daily exercise.
This morning a walked past a school in my area and listened to the parents talking Afrikaans. People greet you even though it is Johannesburg and they do not know you. A guy stopped his car and showed that I should cross the street, smiling friendly. I felt safe. I wondered what the parents of the 700 children would do if the grid collapse (the spark that will unleash the hatred of the hungry) – the “Spark” like Mountainbiker said.
Leaving the school area I took a quiet street towards the edge of the ‘white’ neighbourhood. I would cross the street if black people walk in the same street. They always walk slowly, probably because they walk throughout the whole day. Always keeping my distance and watching their hands. If a car drive past I will walk further away from the road where possible. (Finger straight, hand inside my handbag) You might criticize, but something I do sometimes. Wearing clothes that cannot cover up being armed – I feel good hand inside my bag hanging just the right length. There are a few options.., spray; shock; stab or shoot.
And tonight I am inside my house, work keeping me busy. Good appetite after a few days of good exercise. And I am wondering what people on the other side of the world would think about my cooking. Tonight we had lamb with carrots that spend some time cooking slowly, falling of the bone in a red wine sauce with brown basmati rice. Lots of fresh creamed spinach (I use chana dal flour for sauce) and sweetpotato/butternut with cinnamon.
Say this lady gets to leave her country – how would it be like to cook for other people …? Lol
If I could I would have left like the rest of my family many years ago. They had the right qualifications and left before the world economy started going into a depression. Some people cannot leave or even afford a plane ticket. I asked a black employee this afternoon, if he would leave the country if he could find a job in a first world country. He said he would like to leave, but only if he could take his mother and wife and children and sister and brother and their children. He would then go – but could never leave them here. He will be able to call another country home if he had his family around him, safe.
I would also be easier leave if I could get the few members left out of the country – need not even be all on the same continent. Just out of Africa. I am willing to move to America, Europe, Spain, Russia NZ, Australia…
And yes, like Whiribird said. South Africa is beautiful – The wild animals like the lions, Rhino, elephants and buffalo in all the reserves with the African sun are special. My friends and family that left from 15 years, 11 years ago – most of them very happy in their work, made the new country their own. Gave up their South African citizenships (something our home affairs ask people to do) They miss South Africa terribly – they will talk about how they miss the smell of the African bush just after the rain, the warm sunsets, the food and their people. But most have given up on the idea of returning. Many people still have family here that they are worried about.
Robin, the older farmers are selling their farms, and moving into closest towns because of farm murders. People are moving from Gauteng to the Cape. Some people are preparing farms (survivalist type) but not the average people. People would rather leave if they had the money, not buy a farm in South Africa where the government are trying to write new laws preventing South Africans from owning private property. South Africa is a very big mess. Gauteng the most dangerous.
But we do not see moving from the South to Northern Africa as an option. People rather leave the continent. Although the white people might get attacked during or after xenophobic attacks start in full scale, I do not see white against black civil war. Whites might defend themselves but we are too little. We will dig in and simply stay and irritate them. That is why they are killing us now today during robberies every day. One of my friends got attacked while I was writing this, tonight. He is not hurt. Defended himself and they left in a “hurry”