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I am not out in the wilderness as of yet, but I have several locations already scouted out and my gear is packed into easily managed and transportable containers. My evac points/bug out locations are all based upon how bad things get and how far out we have to go…. I am actually getting mobile HAM station equipment set up now to be able to manpack as needed.

My concern with separating family is as such: Even kids can be taught to stand a post so even though you might be “protecting” them to some degree, you might actually be condemning both groups if you all get split up – two small groups or one larger group? Remember that many countries enlist 14-15 year olds directly into their military, the US included during certain times in our history. To protect the group I see no reason why a trained kid can’t help stand a daytime post watching a radio, cameras, motion sensors, etc.

Preying upon the weak has been a favorite past time of the self appointed “powerful” for thousands of years. Protecting yourself in all situations against these vermin is the tough part. Personally, I think calling in sick with stomach issues the minute something looks sketchy so I can get a jump on bailing out is a great idea. At least you haven’t burned any bridges at your job if things turn out fine, you can get your gear ready for the 30 minute scoop and scoot if things get worse, and as importantly as that is getting to the grocery store before everyone else to stock up on what you might be short on. Recognizing the danger, planning before things get bad, and not being afraid to pull the trigger on a “sick day” or two while you bug out early seems like it is the main way to survive.

Oddly enough, MB just mentioned filling gas tanks… I was actually freaking a bit about being down to less than a 1/4 of a tank on my way into work today. Good thing I am leaving early because I worked late last night.