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We have a government that has all but neutered the males of this country and disallow anyone from defending themselves without fear of prison time. They have done this so that we now depend on LEO’s to “defend” us against those that are doing us harm. Instead, we have to wait for some cop to show up and pray that the baseball bat being slammed against our head breaks, the thug gets tired, or the cops show up at a reasonable time. Working as a bouncer on and off for many years, I can attest to how bad response times and attitudes of cops have gotten over time. It used to be where a call from a bar about a fight would bring the “calvary” within a reasonable amount of time and I wouldn’t have to worry about getting arrested if I had to physically restrain someone. Now, one of the bouncers at the bar across the street was cuffed and “talked to” for leg kicking and arm barring someone that hit him with a beer bottle. Seriously? Why even have security if we can get arrested for defending ourselves. Wonder what will happen if we have to drag someone to the door for fighting now….. Really thinking about starting to wear body armor. Last time I had to call the cops it took 45 minutes and they showed up, no joke, with coffee cups and eating some sort of snack.

How about coming into a house to serve a search warrant because they saw a “post online?” Seriously? Most of those idiots working at the police department can’t even spell IT so how do they know that it was actually legit? I will answer that… They don’t. Instead they do shoddy work and just bust down a door rather than investigating the residence and those living there. Slapping people around is always the preferred method, don-cha-know…… You see the video released recently about the guy shot in LA while being beat down by 6 cops? He was a POS, but seriously? The guy was on his side, you can hear the cops using a taser on him, and the cop had to draw his weapon to shoot the guy. You can see it all on video. Wrestling for a handgun? How come the cop had to draw it to shoot then? Pure crap and the cops will probably get off.

This is all conditioning to make it seem like the Bill or Rights has no more bearing in today’s world.